Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Centre, (RWWAC)- Egypt.

A message to lovers of fine textiles from Ikram Nosshi, RWWAC director.

 “Human freedom never has as much meaning and value as when it allows the creative power of the child to come into action. All children are endowed with a creative power which includes an astonishing variety of potentialities. This power is necessary for the child to build up his own existence". Ramses Wissa Wassef.

The Centre has always been independent and financially self-sustained. The January 2011 revolution which was embraced with such a joy and hope by the great majority of Egyptians has tragically been followed by over 30 months of turmoil and increasing instability. The Egyptian economy is in shambles, tourism has dwindled to a standstill, business closures and unemployment are rampant and by the government own admission a majority of Egyptians live below the poverty line. The Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Centre has not been immune to this downward spiral. With almost no tapestry sales revenue for many months, the future of the 50 artists and the entire art centre is now in jeopardy.

 The RWWAC is reaching out to museum curators, gallery directors and lovers of fine textiles throughout the world to help us to maintain the sustainability of the art centre through the sale of the works of our artists.

We are now offering a reduction of 10% of the sale prices of the tapestries on this website.




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